Contest DZD Syctome 2024

what is the contest dzd :

Le Syctom organizes the "Design Zéro Déchet" competition every year for students, in partnership with the Île-de-France Region and ADEME. This program aims to eco-design innovative and sustainable products and services that reduce waste production.

From design to use, through sourcing, manufacturing, sales, repair, reuse and finally recycling, furniture has 1001 lives! An essential subject of design, it must also be part of the circular economy, while being accessible to all.

DZD edition 2024:

I participate to this contest with 2 friends : Diane Lauwereins and Adrien ajegou.

Here is a pitch of our idea:

1.3 million tons of furniture waste are produced every year, with less than 1% reused. Currently, wear and tear, changes in taste or moving house lead us to throw away our furniture.

Our innovation: With just 3 different sizes of wooden boards, it is possible to create a multitude of different pieces of furniture.

Our concept: Depending on our needs, we assemble or disassemble the desired boards like Lego blocks to create new furniture. This modularity allows for improved repairability and durability of your furniture. If a piece of furniture deteriorates, simply use a different board to replace the worn one.

This solution is suitable for any living space thanks to its range of possibilities. In addition, assembly is within everyone's reach thanks to simple fixings, called Clamex. Your furniture of today will allow you to materialize your desires of tomorrow.

Presentation of our idea:

Unfortunately, our project was not selected among the final 16 finalists. However, we gained valuable experience and learning that will benefit us in future competitions.

With the link below, you can discover the 16 final projects that have been selected by the judges.